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Princess Bella’s Christmas Present Ideas List;

Dear subs, slaves, fantasists, people who wank over my online content, it’s that time of the year again, it’s Princess Bella’s Christmas list, and I want gifts from every one of you.

The below list is only a guide, whilst I like these items, I like a lot of other items, use your brain and be inventive, I have chosen designer items because I like to aim high, but it’s not expected as much as it is a good suggestion of brands I like, and thus styles I appreciate.

If you wish to please me by buying me a gift, get in touch with me and tell me what you want to get me, and I will tell you relevant sizing information. If you want to take me shopping for my gift in person, that can be arranged too.

I would LOVE a donation to my masters fund, as I’m paying off my uni as I go *crying face*, any amount is appreciated and I assure you it will only be spent on tuition fees.

‘I don’t want something I need, I want something I want’

A gorgeous Michael Kors satchel: –  (I want a gazillion different cute bags from MK, ask if you like something else)

Grid Balconette Wire Bra from Bordelle with matching panties – /

Ipad Gold 128 GB –

Iriza Petent 100mm Black heels (heart eyes) –

Westward Bound Bad Girl Latex Dress –

Westward Bound Trixi Latex Dress in Aubergine –

Pleaser Boots –

Tripp Luggage, carry on size ‘holiday 6’ in Cherise colour –

Jewellery – I like gold and rose gold pieces, over silver or platinum, nothing too large, I generally only wear small pieces. I do NOT have my ears pierced.

A trip on the caledonian sleeper train to London and back in a private cabin; I’ve always wanted to take a sleeper train, it’s been a dream for a long time. Help me facilitate that dream? (I also really would like to go to Paris on the Eurostar from London, and spend a weekend in Paris… if you fancy ;p).

Gift Cards! Give me the gift of choice; but keep in mind my style choice and enjoyment of style! House of CB, Topshop, Jack Wills, Harvey Nichols, any of the aforementioned brands and many others. Feel free to ask if I like a brand before you take the leap.

Dinner? Take me to dinner, show me the delights of fine dining in Edinburgh. I am a vegetarian though, so please keep that in mind.


Merry Christmas, I cannot wait to be spoilt by you!





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