Secret Diaries

My Favourite Toy:

Your Goddess;

It’s a late night, and I’ve been out with my girlfriends, drinking in a nightclub in the city centre and treating myself to cocktail after cocktail on your debit card wearing a tiny dress and towering heels. It’s the age old story really, alpha dominant blonde Girlfriend, kept, submissive and pathetic Boyfriend. 

You hear me enter our house, my heels clip-clopping across the tiled floor of our hallway, then the sound of them dropping to the floor, me pouring myself a glass of water from the tap, and then the soft sound of my stocking-clad feet making their way up the stairs. The you know I’ve entered the room because you hear the door click behind me, and the sound of the floorboards of the bedroom creak as I wonder over to where I left you, locked in place in tight bondage in your very own cupboard. Your collar holding you steady, arms and legs locked into their cut-to-measure restraints, locked into your box like a toy. 

‘Hello Boyfriend’ I say cheerily, a hint of sadistic flair about my voice that lets you know you’re in for some play, ‘I’m home from my night out with friends and I am horny and a little bit tipsy, so I’m going to play with you’. 

‘Hello Goddess, it would be an honour’ your muffled voice responds from behind the black leather hood you are kept in. 

I have a lot in mind for you today, so I unlock your restraints and let you out of your box, it’s playtime with my favourite toy, and I can sense your excitement. I reach into your box and pull out a pink leather leash, attach it to the locked collar around your neck and give it a tug, together we walk over to my lavish metal bed, and I push you back onto it. Immediately I lower myself on top of you, the soft material of my short dress, and the distinctive feel of legs covered in fully-fashioned stockings rubs against your naked body. Reaching up I click your restrains in place, locking you spread-eagle onto the bed, leash in my hand, dick loved up in my tight and restrictive cock cage. 

‘I want to play a little game that I like to call tease and denial’ I state, ‘you’re going to be the teasee, I’m going to be the teaser, and you cock is going to be kept locked away the entire time’. My taunting makes your cock twitch in it’s cage, I can see it dong a little dance for me, and it makes me smile, having this much power over a male is what I always wanted from a boyfriend, after all, us women are the dominant sex now. 

Rubbing my hands over your body my fingers toy and play with your nipples, your rock-solid cock fighting against the cage as my lips lower down onto your neck, kissing down your torso. Your body, pulling against the restraints as play with you like a puppet, I reach beside the bed and pick up my vibrator, lying back so my hair falls across your face and my legs spread over yours, I reach down and slide off my panties, quickly return to glide my fingers over my wet sex. I place my vibrator just by the entrance to my vagina, and turn it on before sliding it into my horny and wanting sex. The vibrations quickly pulse through me as your cock loses it and begins rapidly twitching in its cage, my wetness coats my legs and runs down over your pubic bone, coating you in my arousal. 

Moaning out in pleasure my voice torments you, ‘I bet you wish I’d let you fuck me don’t you? eugh, your pathetic cock is nothing to me, you’re just my little bitch and ill never choose it over my big delicious vibrator! After all, you’re my toy, my plaything, my little bitch, and this is all you’ll ever be’. I squeal out in delight as my vibrator trips me over the edge into absolute ecstasy, my body jolting atop yours in nothing but delight, before repeating the act over and over again until my horny self is placated.

When I’m done, I reach behind your head, untie the laces on your hood, and pull it off, before unclipping your right arm, and sliding in beside you. Under the duvet I reach an arm over your still restrained body and whisper in your ear: 

‘You’ll always be my favourite toy’,

before falling asleep on your chest. 

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