Secret Diaries

Breaking In A New Sissy

Her hands trembled as she stepped one leg after the next into a pair of silky smooth black tights. Her body encased in satin, silk and frills, her caged up little penis hidden by a gorgeous pair of pale pink panties with laced edges, she was the epitome of a sissy, and she loved it. 

I stood above her as she fastened the buckles on her nude patent heels, anxiously looking at herself in the mirror. I can see the smile spread across her face as she realises her dream is looking right back at her, staring her right in the face. Her whole life she has been desperate to be a sissy slut, desperate to have her tiny cock locked away and to be tormented by a dominant woman in the process of forming her in her own image. 

She’s always liked the idea of being trussed up and forced to suck dick, but she’s too scared to go out and find one by herself. Thankfully I have a nice assortment of rubber dicks, and plenty of ropes with which to bind her, and I can see her eyes darting about the dungeon looking at all the perverted toys of torment and pleasure which adorn the walls. God love her, she’s going to completely lose her shit when she realises how much of a cock slut she is. 

Dropping to her knees, she submits herself to my will. First her arm is bound to the post to her right, then her other arm to the post on her left. I strap around her neck a collar of steel to hold her in place, unable to pull back and get away from the oral assault I’m about to put her through. Dressed up, made up, tied up, ready to be my very own slut for use and abuse however I please. 

The first cock slips right in, ever so gently into her wet slutty mouth. It’s only small, little thicker than a feminine thumb, but long enough to allow her to practice her sucking technique. The second has a little more girth, something for her to really get her lips around, a little bit more of a challenge, her desperation for me showing, her true purpose being fulfilled as she begins to suck an ever so slightly larger dick, inch by inch. 

I pull it out, and let strings of my spit fall into her mouth, letting it drop down her chin and over her laced bra containing her small wannabe breasts. I laugh at her, letting my breasts jiggle as my chest rises and falls in amusement at my sissy’s demoralisation. Her cock hungry mouth hangs open in simple unending thirst for more dick, begging me to ram her full of my delightful dicks. Needless to say, I simply have to indulge in this act of oral penetration, so I take a beautiful long and thick dick, and push it deep down into her throat, waiting to hear the delightful squeak of a gag from her slutty, horny mouth. 

A sissy full of cock, begging and wanting me to use and abuse her, is the best sissy in the world. I adore the depths of depravity these sluts are willing to reach for my own pleasure and amusement, and nothing makes me smile more than watching a sissy reach her full potential… you know… at cock sucking. 


Princess Bella 

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